Real image and animatronics

Fantasy adventure for the family

Two kids, Bu & Bu, came from another dimension. They arrived trying to understand the causes that, originated in our reality are unbalancing the whole universe.
64 Cap. 6 minutes

Three friends accidentaly achieve access to Grandfather Bu’s binnacle, that is located in internet. This allows them to clear up web messages, through which they find out that villain Tortugo has entered the city. They go out to find answers, motivated by research desires, and meet other children and characters in their way. While the cycle progresses, the adventurers will understand what’s really happening: a movie is being filmed. The movie’s name is
“Bu & Bu, travelers from another dimension”.
Educational BROCHURE
Ecological and of reflection on the reality that surrounds us contents, present in the Universe Bu, make possible to design actions that make compatible our interest with those of DGE (local General Direction of Schools). This is why we have designed an educational booklet that aims to be a trigger for curricular use from different areas of knowledge. We suggest a series of strategies that integrate entertainment, reflection, motivation to search, inquiry into sources and the realization of productions by children in order to socialized, shared, and be commented, promoting so participation and interaction among the students of a school and/or with other schools through the web. The strategies that we suggest here are raised in a general way so the teacher can select, adapt and create their own according to grade, level and interest of their students.
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Francisco Gabrielli

Fideicomiso Cuyo Hace Cine was specially created in order to produce and sale the project Bu & Bu, that include the fantastic featured film Bu & Bu, travelers from another dimension, the 64 for 6 minutes each TV series Grandfather Bu, binnacle, an interactive and game website, an examination booklet for home and school use, a musical and even a Comic. We are looking for post-production financing or co-production; national and international distribution or licensing agents who could do merchandising business on behalf of our company and TV broadcasting companies who could air our programs.